Self Help for Depression – Easier Way Out

Self Help for Depression

Depression is a feeling that we can place under a group of feelings we generally call apathy.

In apathy, desire is dead because it’s no use. We can’t do anything and no one else can help.

The most important question that comes to mind then is wheter there is a good self-help technique that I can recommend (based on my personal experience) that you can also use for releasing your depression?

Perhaps reading this blog post will be the most important thing in your life.

It can become a turning point.

If you decide to spend some quality time on this site, you will find information that will greatly benefit you.

From here, you can only go onwards and upwards.

Feeling depressed

Feeling depressed

Apathy is the lowest possible state that we can experience as human beings.

We withdraw from our life journey and play weak in the futile hope that we won’t get hurt.

Sometimes, you can even feel small and like you don’t matter at all.

The problem is, as you withdraw from so called “negative” parts of life, you do the same with “positive” parts of life.

You cannot pick and choose.

Either you are fully in life or you are in hiding, cutting yourself off life.

And spending your time in hiding is not a fun place to be, don’t you agree?

No matter what the reason why you became apathetic (depressed) appears to be in the first place, I think it is safe to assume that you would like to rid yourself of it.

Various ways that help with depression

Various ways that help with depression

Like any other feeling, (f.e. anger or anxiety) feeling of depression can be tackled in a similar way.

  • Get your body to move. Move yourself somewhere where there is nature around you. It can be a beach, forest or simply a meadow. Movement creates movement, and once you start moving it will become easier to continue the process.
  • Stop reading or listening to news. Most news are negative. Negativity is not going to make you feel good or feel positive.
  • Listen to music. Music is the mathematics of the soul. It can bring us up really quickly. It can also bring us down, so be careful what you choose.
  • Move away from the social networks. Unless you can find some support there. But make sure you are not using social networks simply to share your story over and over, expecting sympathy while unconsciously making it a stronger reality at the same time. Complaining is a devastating habit.

The problem with these suggestions is that these activities are tackling the symptoms of the depression but not underlying cause, at least not in a true and meanigfull way.

There is a reason why you started feeling negative and depressed.

If you can pin-point the root cause of it, you can begin your process of self-transformation and change.

Also, when you let go of the underlying cause, all the symptoms disappear on their own.

Root cause of depression

The underlying root cause of depression

You might thing that perhaps the lack of money or financial wherewithal is the root cause of your depression.

It is not. With proper mental attitude, you can earn money fast.

Some of you might think the reasons lies in the end of relationship (or even lack of relationship).

It is not. You can be happy and single and even if the relationship ends, you don’t need to stop loving your ex.

The answer is much simpler, but also seemingly more difficult to recognize.

At least in the beginning.

It is your own resistance and your own disapproval that are at the root cause of depression.

You cannot be depressed if you fully accept life and everything that is happening to you.

You cannot be depressed if you are not resisting or disapproving what happened or what is in the process of happening.

Every time when you don’t like someone or something you are in fact resisting and disapproving.

When you don’t like yourself, you are disapproving of yourself.

Any negative energy, negative thoughts or feelings toward anyone or anything, and especially towards yourself is disapproval.

If you stop doing only these two things, your life will change dramatically.

Let go of disapproving

Let go of disapproving of yourself

The first step you need to take is to recognize that you are indeed, disapproving of yourself.

Just check with yourself.

Do you love yourself or do you hate yourself?

Do you hate your life?

Can you hate your life at the same moment while you are loving yourself?

Check and see if it is true that if you hate one thing, at that same moment you hate everything across the board?

Letting go of hate and disapproval, or beating yourself (or the world) down is a necessary step in the process of helping yourself with the depression.

Ask yourself, does it really help you to disapprove or beat yourself up?

And who is doing it?

You are.

And if you are doing it, you can decide to stop doing it.

It is just that easy.

Begin the process of change first by recognizing and then letting go of your disapproval.

Start loving yourself

Start loving yourself

Deciding to love yourself is a decision.

Life is simply a series of decision we take in any given moment.

You can, right now, decide to do whatever you want.

You can decide to be loving.

Why don’t you try it right now, before moving on with reading?

You can decide to let go of disapproval. You can also decide to give a little bit of approval.

Giving approval is simply deciding to like yourself a little. Not much. Just a little.

If you are having trouble with giving yourself approval, I suggest you read my post on how to learn to love yourself.

Motivate yourself with all the benfits of bathinh in approval.

If you manage to let go of beating yourself down and start giving yourself approval, you will feel energetic and exhilarated after period of of fatigue.

You will get clarity and peace.

You will get confidence.

You will get a feeling of “I can” after years of feeling defeated.

You will get to experience happiness.

Isn’t that a nice way to live?

Now continue and give yourself some approval.

Love yourself. Try it. You’ll like it.

You’ll like it because when you do it, you’ll feel the best you have felt in years.

Love yourself and you’ll see your life getting better and better.

Love yourself. Your life will be more and more happy.

Loving yourself start the process not only of letting go of depression, but also of changing your entire life with love.

Love yourself

If that is something of interest to you and you feel in your soul that you want to learn more, start reading about personal transformation in my older article on how to change with love.
Remember, you are not alone and you are not a failure.

You are love(d).

You can right now decide to help yourself release negativity.

Only you can do that for yourself.

You can help yourself let go of depression.

Read how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings.

Decide simply to do it and then prove it to yourself.

Life is just a decision.

Right here, right now, take the one that is for your highest and best good.

Decide to start your change with love.





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2 thoughts on “Self Help for Depression – Easier Way Out”

  1. How am I supposed to start feeling better and figure out self-help for depression?

    You mention loving myself, but that is the last thing that is gonna happen right now while I am depressed.

    Not only that is you kept reminding me that I should be feeling bad because this that or the other may have happened?

    I wake up somedays and am depressed, but the rest of the time I am happy and do love myself. What advice do you have for this type of depression?

    1. Hi Eric,

      Why would you say that the last thing that is gonna happen while you are depressed is to start loving yourself? I advise you to read the part on root cause of depression again.

      Remember, if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got!

      When we are in depression we have the least amount of energy available to us, so your intention, should you choose to live a happy life would be to let it go and don’t let yourself be drowned in it.

      Self help is not about fighting, resisting and ignoring the depression, the idea is to recognize why it is happening in the first place and what is the fastest way that will get you out of depression.



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