How to Learn to Love Yourself

How To Learn To Love Yourself
Have you ever wondered how to learn to love yourself?

The truth is, loving yourself is the easiest and smartest thing you can do.
And it is also the simplest thing you can do.

Up to now, you haven’t loved yourself because your mind prefers that you beat yourself up or disapprove for any little thing.

Check it out.

Watch how many times a day your mind tells you to beat yourself up or disapprove for even the smallest thing.

I think we can all agree that beating yourself up is negative thing, doesn’t help and doesn’t actually change what you are experiencing in this moment.

How do you feel about loving yourself right now?

Most people don’t have approval, they don’t approve of themselves, they don’t like themselves.

We go to people and try to get approval from them when they do not have approval themselves. And, they come to us and try to get approval from us when we don’t have it ourselves.

Do you see the impossible situation?

So what is the answer?

The answer is to love yourself.

And love is always available for you.

You Are Worthy of Love

You are worthy of love

Chances are, if you are reading thing, you don’t feel you are worthy of love.

This is the most common fallacy that runs in our minds and is so prevalent that is being accepted as the truth.

It is a complete and utter lie.

There is nothing you need to do or have in order to become worthy of love. There is no such thing as “becoming worthy of love”.

Simply by being born you demonstrated your worthiness.

If you are alive you are worthy!

Worthiness is a state of BEING, not a thing to be gained or lost.

Are you? Just ask yourself this one simple question.

Are you?

If the answer is YES, then you are automatically worthy.

If you ARE, you can only be EVERYTHING, and that includes being worthy.

In reality, we decide through our childhood to deny something that we are. So we chose to deny our worthiness and we simply begin believing that we are not worthy.

When we think we are unworthy, in reality we are the ones who have decided to block our own worthiness.
Your mind

Your mind won’t let you love yourself

Your mind will probably object in this phase. It cannot be that easy.

It is not that simple. I am not worthy. I need to do this and that or I have all this past life experience that proves that I am not worthy.

But that is the function of the mind, that which we think—we create.

That which we hold in mind—we sustain. That which we let go of in mind—we dissolve.

If your mind thinks you are unworthy, it will seek out and find proof where ever he can.
The mind is nothing but the sum-total of all thoughts. Think only what you want that that is all that you will get.
Whatever you feed into it, it will try to find “out there”.

But you can change your mind and you can change your beliefs.

Happiness and loving yourself

The only place where we can feel happiness is right within ourselves.

Happiness, as well, is our inherent, natural state.

Examine when was the last time you were happy. Truly happy.

Lester Levenson found out that he was really happy only when he was the one loving.

It was not when he was being loved, instead it was when he was loving.

Happiness loves.
The real secret to happiness is the same as the secret to loving yourself.

Let’s try it out right now.

Could you let go of disapproving of yourself, right now, in this moment?

It’s just a decision, and you might as well give it a go.

So, could you let go of disapproving of yourself, right now, in this moment?

And, could you let go of disapproving of yourself some more?

And, could you let go of disapproving of yourself even more?

And now could you give yourself some approval?
Could you just like yourself a little more?

Liking yourself is approval. Loving yourself is approval.

Could you give yourself some more approval?

And, could you give yourself even more approval? And, could you give yourself even more approval? And

could you give yourself even more approval? And, even more?

Now, see how you feel.

Practice makes it perfect

Practice makes it perfect

The more you develop love, the more you come in touch with harmony of the universe, the more delightful your life

becomes, the more beautiful, the more everything.

Have the intention to be loving, whatever comes your way. That is holding in mind love.

What you hold in mind is what you experience all the time.

Loving yourself starts a cycle going in which you spin upward.

The best advice for building your love muscle is to start and end your day by giving yourself approval and letting go of disapproving of yourself.

During your day, if you’ve gotten irritated, frustrated, annoyed, or some other negative feeling has taken you over, it’s time to take a few minutes to notice you are probably disapproving of someone or something – maybe yourself – see that, and decide to let it go.

Let the negativity go and give yourself approval or give approval to whatever or whoever was bothering you.

Don’t do it for them, do it for you.

Remember to let go of the disapproval before you start giving yourself approval.


Love Yourself
If the only thing you take from this post is to stop disapproving of yourself and start giving yourself approval, you know how to learn to love yourself.

The most important thing you can do is to start doing this.

Even though it is the simplest thing in the world, because we were never thought about it or didn’t experience it in the right way so precious few of us do it on a regular basis.

But if you do it, it pays off big time!

Start experiencing what it feels like to love yourself.

Give yourself approval.

Let go of disapproving of yourself.

Stop listening to your mind. Start challenging your beliefs.

It really is easy if you do it and impossible if you don’t.

If you are stuck and would like some additional support to get you started, check out this 100% online course dedicated to learning how to love yourself.







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