About Me


Hello and welcome to my site for inspiration in personal development and lasting change with Love!

My name is Sinisa and my intention is to share with you my own life experience, and also to offer you support and advice that might help for your own process of self improvement and personal growth.

I hope the information you read on this site will help you tremendously in dealing with your life situations and challenges.

I have been interested in those topics for a very long time now, more then a decade, and through my years of working on myself (which is what I still do of course) I have red a ton of books, done lots of courses and practiced many techniques and philosophies.

I worked with Autogenic training, Meditation, Reiki, Theta Healing, Ho’oponopono, Holosync, Binaural beats, Matrix Energetics, Yuen Mastery, Chinese Energetics, Esoteric studies, Sedona Method, EFT, Hypnosis, Release Technique and so much more.

I have experienced first hand all the emotions and situations that I will be covering on this site. I gained and I lost, I loved and I hated, I was stolen from and I stole, I was given and I gave, I experienced death and I experienced life…

All those things, I feel, have made me stronger, and recently, when I managed to get a clear understanding of my life purpose, I decided to start this site to help you in any way I can.

This is my life purpose, clearly defined:

“To use my sense of humor, ease of communication and my ability to connect and uplift people and make them feel better about themselves, by interacting with them in person, by writing emails and by connecting on-line, with the intention of experiencing more happiness, professional success and satisfaction in the world around me”.

Please understand, I am not a guru and even though I am a Reiki Master, I don’t have special powers, but I do have experience, compassion and understanding which I am sure will be of help to you in some way. Otherwise, you would not really be here, right? Universe doesn’t do anything by chance or without a reason.

Thank you and if you find the information useful, please share it.