Release Technique and Lester Levenson – Modern Day Real American Master

There are only couple of the online courses I would ever recommend, and the ones by Release Technique and Lester Levenson definitely fall in that category!

Release Technique and Lester Levenson
Lester Levenson

Lester Levenson Story

Way back in 1952, a physicist from New Jersey claimed he had discovered the ultimate secret to achieving and maintaining perfect health, effortless wealth and deeply satisfying relationships. All of those came with a profound sense of peace, happiness and freedom – that was independent of outer circumstances. That state is called imperturbability or hootlesness.

Lester was a real and genuine american master, one of the few that got his self-realization when faced with, what seemed to be, life’s almost inevitable death sentence.

When he started his search, he was a very convinced and absolute materialist. The only thing that was real to him was that which he could see, feel and touch. His world was as solid as a concrete because he was educated as a physicist and an engineer.

He was dismissed from the hospital after a serious medical condition (coronary) and he was sent home to die. Instead of actually giving up and dying, he used his time and hidden benefit of a situation where you have nothing left to loose, to question what is life and where does happiness come from.

It took him just 3 months to answer all his questions, and achieve full realization, after proving to himself that he can do absolutely anything he ever wanted or choose to do.

And he did it all by himself!

Back then, there was no written technique, no coach, no group support that we are lucky enough to have these days.

During the years after his discovery, he decided to share his knowledge with a few people that were drawn to his teachings, and who were able to tape his talks in Los Angeles and Sedona, even transcribe some of them, and by doing it they were able to preserve Lester’s unique way of teaching for our use today and in the many years to come.

Release Technique and Sedona Method

Currently there are only couple of his original students that are still teaching, among which the most famous ones are Larry Crane with the Release Technique and Hale Dwoskin with the Sedona Method.

Larry Crane
Larry Crane
Hale Dwoskin
Hale Dwoskin

I have personally experienced the technique with both teachers, and I prefer the Release Technique approach.

The reason is strictly personal, as for me, the Release Technique offers a much more structured and practical way of dealing with current life issues.

That being said, Release Technique and Sedona Method are actually the same Lester technique, approached from a somewhat different angles, and you won’t go wrong following either one.

They both ultimately guide you towards achieving the same result – imperturbability.

Release Technique offers you free help in term of free telephone support line you can call anytime you get stuck, and there is also a private Facebook group just for graduates, which are people who took just one course.

Most of the active releasers have took numerous courses, so there is definitely a reason why they keep coming back.


The meaning of imperturbability, or being imperturbable, is successfully achieving a state where nothing and nobody bothers you. You are completely and unconditionally free and happy as you are.

Nothing needs to change, everything is perfect.

You can do, be and have whatever you choose, you have no more attachments to life and you have no more aversions to life.

Attachments are things or experiences that we would desperately like to pull into our lives, and aversions are things or experiences that we would desperately like to keep away from ever coming into our life, or that we would like to throw out of our lives forever.

Imperturbability is a state that can be reached after all our negativity, in the form of sub-conscious negative though patterns, beliefs and emotions has been let go. Letting go or releasing is a process that, when followed properly and experienced from someone who already learned it by example, allows the release or discharge of all negative feelings.

These include everything under apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger and pride. Resistance and general wanting (lacking) are also feelings that are releasable.

Later on, you will learn that even more positive feelings, like courageousness, acceptance and peace can also be released and by doing that you can go even higher in experiencing your true freedom.

You can read more about releasing or letting go as well as download a full and complete story about Lester Levenson and his beginning of the self-inquiry by following this link.

Listen to a rare recording of Lester talking about path to happiness…

Lester Levenson Online Course

Online course with the Release Technique comes loaded with the decent amount of bonuses. You get 16 Digital Online Audios, 2 Lester Levenson books and a rare footage of Lester, recorded during a Nine-Day Releasing Intensive in 1984.

This is Lester at his best – in front of an audience of graduates.

Click on the picture to check out this course

The course is priced at $197, and if this is too much for you, I recommend you start with the basic version of the course that will get you started and that goes for only $97.

Please take into account that the price will probably go up in the future.

You can check out the discounted course at my reviews and recommendation page.

This could also be a much more easier way for you to prove for yourself the value of the technique, and after you do that, you will gladly invest in a more advanced course.

It’s how I did it. Actually I started just with a book, then I bough the online course, after it I enrolled in the tele-seminars and finally I went to couple of live courses.

Best time of my life 😉

Remember that all courses come with a 30-day full money back guarantee. Meaning if you are not happy with the course for 30 full days, they give you all the money back. And since it’s an online course (meaning no shipment) you have really NOTHING to lose.


If you ever had any doubt about Release Technique and Lester Levenson, let me put your mind to ease.

As someone who has done many years of releasing and took many live courses with them, I can highly recommend them from personal experience.

I guarantee that if you choose to try out this course, you will not be sorry. That is coming from my personal long term experience.

The only direction you will take, if you start practicing this technique, is going higher and higher into the truth of what you are.

And the truth is so sweet, so liberating and so abundant.

Prove it to yourself!



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  1. I tried KiSS Releasing. Stephen Seretan’s approach to Lester’s work. He was a student of Lester for 11 years. As close to the original as you can find. Others are changed.


    1. Hi Barbara, thank you for commenting! I personally didn’t have experience with Stephen, I did however with Larry, Hale, Annrika James and also Kate Freeman. Everyone brings something more or a bit different to the method. I remember listening to Hale once where he mentioned Lester told him that they (method teachers) will in future add to the technique with better and deeper variations, so Sedona Method has added some new “tools in the toolkit” like Free Way releasing (since couple of months ago…) I personally like the simplicity of the Lester’s teaching, but perhaps it is not that attractive for everyone. And to paraphrase Lester “every aid is a good aid, even Gatorade”, so whatever helps let go of negative feelings and release into the Truth of who we are is good! 🙂



  2. Thanks for this article. I have to say, I find it incongruent with Lester’s original teachings – and the way he discovered them – that his students should be charging for it. I don’t get it. He taught that you don’t have to “scrabble” for a living, and that at the highest level whatever you need comes to you. When I see all these Paypal shopping carts on his students’ websites, it makes me wonder if they have reached the “highest”. And if they haven’t, should I be commiting myself to them? I have a feeling that the real teachers of this method don’t charge money. Did Lester?


    1. Hi Tom, welcome and thank you for your comment! In the beginning and for some 24 years, Lester Levenson didn’t charge anyone, that is true. People wanted to donate and he was still uncomfortable in receiving the donations. However, he soon realized just how much subconsciously we were conditioned into valuing money and disregarding the things that are given free. He saw that by not charging he would actually be doing people a disservice. You can even listen to him talk about this a bit on this youtube link.
      Everything Lester is teaching is available right now for free, that is also true. But we humans don’t really appreciate free things 🙂
      I would suggest you try out the method for yourself and see, there is a money back guarantee for pretty much every teacher of Lester’s method, so you really don’t have anything to lose.


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