What is emotional support and why is it important?

Emotional support is crucial aid when you want to help the other person go through a challenging life period.

Article published on the social impact of stress (Dr. Praveen Singh Jadon. Social impact of stress. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(7):400-401) states that “having strong social support can actually make you more able to cope with problems on your own, by improving your self-esteem and sense of autonomy”.

Indeed, supporting someone who is struggling emotionally can make a huge difference in their life.

It is important because it shows the person in trouble that they are being seen, heard, and understood. In other words, they are important enough for you to care about.

What is emotional support?

Emotional support is the process where one human being shows empathy and supports another human being through a difficult time or a situation.

It is through this empathy and support that the person in turmoil can find relief, comfort, and finally acceptance of the situation where they find themselves in.

Through acceptance, the seemingly invisible solutions and paths that can be taken, start to appear.

What are the ways of helping people in need?

There are many ways you can show emotional support for the people you care about.

You can block out your time for them and listen to what is bothering or upsetting them.

You can also help them see the situation from a different perspective or an angle.

You can reassure them that you always have their back, no matter what.

Spending time in nature or especially with animals provides support as well.

However, the best way to help someone is to be willing to show up for them fully.

By showing up, offering your time, and focusing on them you are helping more than you think.

In the end, it is about empathy, and never judgment.

Sometimes though, you should probably suggest professional support.

Getting professional emotional support

I once worked with a client and she was dumped by her boyfriend after a long relationship. Immediately she felt into apathy, grief and despair.

When we started to work deeply on the issue and we got to uncover all the blocks that were hiding under the surface and that led to this state, she started the real journey to healing and recovery.

In the end, we managed to find the fear of ending up alone in the world as well as numerous other subconscious beliefs, that when fully released, made a profound change in her life.

She is now able to set a new direction, as all the emotional baggage that was weighing her down has been released.

Another client of mine was stuck in a dead-end job. He was worried about never getting promotions and always had a feeling he was exploited working for his employer at that time.

It took a couple of sessions for him to be able to open up to the level that allowed the emotional baggage to show up, be seen, and then get released.

As soon as he cleared his issues, he was able to find a new job in a bigger company for double the salary that he was making before.

He recognized all that would not have happened if there was not enough emotional support.

It is through that support he was able to change and improve his life.

What does the process look like?

You are probably familiar with the Yin-Yang principle of life. In short, it is a circle divided in half representing positive and negative aspects of duality, or Yin and Yang, male and female. What you can see from it is that in every positive, there is some small negative part, and vice-versa.

The same thing is with this lockdown that we faced (or still are facing in some way) related to COVID. It created a whole bunch of remote working opportunities, digitalization, and connection improvements.

It is through these improvements we can now connect remotely and work almost (or even better) than if we were physically in the same room.

We first start by establishing a human connection.

Being to Being.

This allows for the recognition of space which in turn allows for all the negativity and blocks to start surfacing out so that they can be released.

In a way, through emotional support and connection, we create an atmosphere that allows for change with love.

Do you get advice while being supported?

Most of the times – no. Sometimes, and only if you really want one, I can share my experience from a particular subject that can help you or somehow relates to what you are experiencing.

But it is not about me telling you what to do. It is about you discovering your answers.

I invite you to check out my Executive Coaching / Private Sessions page so that you too can start benefiting from emotional support.

It is through emotional support that we all change.

Let’s change with love, that is the best and easiest way.



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