How to Let Go of the Past?

How to Let Go of the Past

The truth about our past is simple, if we manage to let go of it, we would approach life in a whole new and different way. Our perspective would be fresh and untainted. Our protection mechanisms would be non-existent. We would be free to live life fully, moment to moment.

We would be so much happier right here and right now.

First, let’s go over some basic assumptions that we all have about past.

Past is something that defines me!

This is something that we usually think, but we need to really question. Am I something that can be defined with my past experiences? Can something that happened a long time ago define how I will behave and what my outlook on life would be? Am I a victim to my past experiences?

I can’t do anything about the past!

While this is definitely true, as something that has happened cannot be changed, what we can do is change how we feel about the past. Our emotions and our feelings are completely in our own control. We are the ones that can decide to keep them or to let them go.

I am simply not able to let go of the past!

At first this feels so true. It is only when we question the validity of the whole story that the process of letting go of the past can begin. If I am using stories in order to make this negative feelings that I experience justified, I will not be able to let them go. The attachment will be too strong. However when I decide that it is more important for me in this moment to be happy then it is to be right, I can begin the process of letting go.

If I let go of the past I will go insane!

Sure. As if how we are currently living our lives is not being insane. We use the prism of what happened years ago as a filter for our experiences from that point forward. We see someone who looks like a person who was mean to us and we immediately dislike them. We recognize negative patterns and we feel like it’s a curse or something that happens to us whether we want it or not.

The truth is, you cannot go insane if you let go of the past. Quite the opposite. Holding on to past is what makes us insane. If we let go of the past we would become free of any judgment and objections. We would look at life with a fresh perspective. We would not expect certain things to go against our own interest. Just imagine how life would be like in that way.

Steps to letting go of the past

  1. Accept that you cannot do anything about the past except change the way you feel about it
  2. Decide to live your life in the present moment, allow that past stays in the past. Let go of the negative feelings from the past.
  3. Allow yourself to slip up from time to time. You are only human and past is something we are so connected to. Just take the first step, the rest will be revealed.

If you would like to deal with the past in a much more thorough and deeper way, I suggest starting here.



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