How to Deal With Disappointments?

Almost every one of us has sometimes felt disappointed in life, other people, or just ourselves. It is important that we know how to deal with life disappointments in an effective and loving […]

Accept Life

Our minds are very conditional. We choose to be happy only if certain things (that we decided are good) happened. We don’t accept our life the way it is. In […]

Health and Happiness

We live in a society where our happiness is hugely conditioned. Being in a relationship is considered by many as a formal prerequisite for happiness. Theory is that it is […]


Perhaps this title is coming off too strong. The truth is, Rudi doesn’t really hate religion if it makes people more loving… Following is a letter written by my Twitter […]

Techniques to Build Self-Confidence

Strong self-confidence and high self-esteem are really important for the quality of our lives and are a necessary building block in our personal development work. In this article I will […]

How to Let Go and Love What Is

Letting go of our attachments and aversions as well as accepting what is currently present in our lives, can appear to be a really difficult thing to do. I hope this […]

How to Stop Complaining and Be Happy

Complaining is something that we learned to be a good thing, while we were growing up. Now you need to learn how to stop complaining if you ever expect to be happy. Most of […]