Health With Happiness – Is It Really Possible?

Is it possible to have health with happiness?

I would like to share with you a real life story, from someone who found the answer to this question on his own.


Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a man in the USA. He was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1909.

He was very shy person and his family was middle class. He always done things the way society taught people to do them (and still does), meaning you are encouraged to get a good education and become best in your field. You need to find a good job with a steady salary and off you go.

The inclination from his childhood was towards science so he graduated from Rutgers University in 1913 as a physicist. He then continued to work twenty-some years in physics and engineering, on various research and development projects on measuring instruments and automatic control, as well as spending time working as a mechanical engineer, heating and venting engineer, electrical engineer, construction engineer. Over the years, he worked in fourteen different fields actually.

He was also an entrepreneur, doing business with lumber, restaurants, oil…

Everything he did was with the intention to make money and make it in the world.

He soon noticed that nothing on what he worked at ever gave him lasting and permanent happiness. That led him in turn to become heavy with depression and with sickness.

Health problems and body issues

Health problems and body issues

By 1952, he had many body problems, among which enlarged liver, kidney stones, spleen trouble, hyper and hypoacidity, ulcers that perforated and formed lesions, and to top it off, he had at least ten years of migraine headaches.

That all culminated in 1952 when he had his second coronary thrombosis.

After the second coronary, he was told he would not live much longer, that he could die any day from even the slightest effort and he was discharged from the hospital as a case gone beyond the possibility of recovery.

Having lived more than forty years and having reached what appeared to be end of the line without happiness, without health, he decided to spend his last days pondering on life’s really important questions, like “What am I?”, “What is this World?”, “What is my relationship to it?”, “What is my Mind?”, “What is actually Happiness?”.

He began with a single question. “What is it that I want out of life?”.

The answer came quickly.

He wanted happiness. He then started to dig for the moments when he was feeling happiest.

He soon discovered something that was startling to him at that time.

He discovered that the happiness equated to his capacity to love, rather than being loved.

This realization came to him after observing how he had many people who loved him at that time, but he was still feeling miserable. The only time he felt pure happiness was ONLY when he was the one loving.

With this realization, he began the process of letting go of his negativity in the form of wanting love from the world and wanting to change the world towards loving the world as it is. Wanting to change the world was actually the main source of his ulcers, as he later found out.

Health and Happiness

Complete health and happiness

As he continued to work on his negative emotions, he noticed the more he loved the happier he felt. The happier he felt the more he loved. It was a great circle of happiness lasting for three months and keeping him continually going higher and higher.

Dropping the negativity also helped him have a strong focus on getting the answers to the questions that were bothering him.

He would simply focus on the answer to the problem and would get it immediately.

It took him only three months to get answers to all of his questions. He achieved full self-realization and became a real master.

His name was Lester Levenson.

Release Technique and Lester Levenson

During that three-month period, all the ailments he had in his physical body corrected. All his miseries dropped away. He ended up being in a place in which he was happy all the time, without sorrow.

On his own, Lester managed to turn his life around from being depressed and sick, to being happy all the time and being in perfect health all the time.

He achieved complete health and happiness.

Luckily, Lester left a method for us to follow. Every one of us can do it. It is easy to do once you get the hang of it.

When you do it, you let go of the negativity that is the main cause for any disease in the body.

You can find out more about the method by reading my article on Lester Levenson – a real American master.

Here are some issues that were resolved by people following his method:

Improved Health

Julius LaMar dramatically reduced his high blood pressure: 230/180 to 125/88 in 3 short months.

Looks years younger

Peggy Theil reports, in less than 2 months she looked ten years younger. She sent before and after pictures, to prove it.

Weight Loss

Bill Shanahan from New York lost 38 pounds, in two months.

Letting go of addictions

Paul Mendez of New York eliminated the anxiety that drove him to smoke and FINALLY quit.

Here are some even more detailed gains…

Good News

Releasing physical pain

“While driving yesterday, the top of my right foot began to tingle in waves…..I “injured” it 20 years ago and have not been able to so much as lightly touch this area without excruciating pain. It tingled for about 3 minutes. I now have NO PAIN AT ALL in that area! I just gave myself a five-minute massage on the top of my right foot without pain! In addition, the “symptoms” of an old rotator cuff “injury” have disappeared. This amazing gain in less than 2 weeks of using the technique and starting out as a “newbie.” Thank you. I love doing this!” – Annie Cunningham

No longer needs hearing aids

I no longer need hearing aids. Everyone you see is a mirror. You are looking at yourself through their eyes. Everything you see or feel in them is actually in you. Many people new to the course made tremendous progress. All past ‘should haves’ or regrets do not count. I now have the chance for the greatest accomplishment of my life – going free.” – Craig Hauss

Stroke Recovery

“I went to bed Tuesday night with 75% recovery from my stroke (of December 2005). I woke up Wednesday morning with 90-95% recovery — I suddenly felt much stronger, more stable. The next day I was having lunch at a Columbian restaurant in my neighborhood. They had salsa music playing on their sound system and I found myself foot tapping and shoulder shaking to the music. Suddenly I realized that I felt like my old self! Releasing is moving me rapidly to 100% health, happiness and well-being. Thank you for this wonderful technique!” – Patty Duke

Severe headaches

“Last summer the body started having “severe headaches”. An MRI scan was recommended, but I didn’t have it. Instead, I did the technique. Headache went away and stayed away through December. I got an appointment with a neurologist and came away with a perfect bill of health. I know I could have avoided the doctor appointment, but getting full clearance was worth it.” – Cynthia, CT

Be happy be healthy

There you have it.

Many direct experiences that prove how happiness is tied to your health, or that your health is the reflection of your state of mind which enslaves you to a limited amount of happiness.

And the health comes easily and naturally, without doctors or drugs, without expensive therapies, x-rays, blood tests, analysis, etc.

It’s so easy to do, without any magic or mystery. You will be pleasantly surprised!

In addition, you don’t have to read books, meditate or memorize any complicated formulas to do so.

You will discover your natural ability to handle whatever life throws at you simply by trying out the technique,

You will discover that you can get rid of everything that hurts, all your fears, all your burdens, all your disappointments, and when you get rid of enough of them you will find yourself, as many others have, happy, healthy, peaceful and calm.

All you have to do is to take the first step.

Check out this link and start accelerating your recovery, start having health with happiness.

Feel free to share your own experience on achieving health and happiness.



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4 thoughts on “Health With Happiness – Is It Really Possible?”

  1. I love sites like these:) Not to sound cliche I think these sites make the web a better place.
    I like your story, it was very inspirational and I actually hear many stories like this on from the clients I train.

    Anyways good post and website! I love what you do and keep it up.

    Thad P – Gymbulk Fitness

    1. Lester Levenson story is one that is really close to my heart, he had such an important and huge impact on my life. And it’s not just me, its hundreds of thousands of people that experienced health, wealth and happiness simply by following the teaching he left behind for us to use. I will definitely continue to share this experience with as much people as I can.

  2. Very interesting article.

    I feel that happiness is very much a personal thing. Something makes one person happy would make another depressed and visa versa. Health is more of a universal thing. Although someone who was very sick would appreciate feeling healthy than a person whose health was generally very good.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

    1. Hi Hannah. When I talk about happiness it is always the same thing for everyone, because it is a deep feeling of love that comes from the inside.
      The outside experience (money, health, relationships) is simply the thing that we are using as justification for allowing ourselves to feel the happiness. For example, perhaps we are (subconsciously) conditioned to believe that with money we will be happy. But some people experience happiness even without money, so from that fact we can see that money does not equate to happiness. Each of us needs to dig inside of us to recognize what exactly means to feel happy. And after we dig we will see it is a universal thing, it is simply what is experienced when we love.

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