What Does Unconditional Love Mean?

Every single spiritual seeker, or person searching for a way to live a more happier life, has come (at least once) in touch with this term. But what does really unconditional love […]

Importance of Life Purpose

  Why is life purpose so important? Finding your life purpose is the only way to ensure that whatever you are doing with your time, is 24×7 pointed at achieving […]

Freedom or Resistance

Think of something that you really enjoy doing.  Regardless of whatever activity came to mind, notice that whenever you are working on this project that you are completely content.  You […]


Resistance is the force we feel internally when we experience something we judge as bad, and we want to be separated from it or to push it away. Somehow we […]


Fear is one of the biggest obstacles on our path. Until we become fully realized beings, it will probably be more or less governing our lives. It’s energy that is […]