Freedom or Resistance

freedomhalfThink of something that you really enjoy doing.  Regardless of whatever activity came to mind, notice that whenever you are working on this project that you are completely content.  You may even say you are in joy, heaven or nirvana. 

Even just momentarily visiting this project, as we have just done, gives you pleasure or enjoyment.  Now think of something that you would rather avoid doing. 

Notice the difference in your attitude.  The saying goes “What we resist, will persist!”

This point of view is showing us that we are controlling and creating our own destiny.  Each time we are in resistance about anything, we are creating challenges for ourselves. 

We are moving further away from peaceful and positive resolutions..

So next time when you catch yourself resisting something, simply decide to allow yourself in this moment to experience resistance.

Then rate your resistance on a scale 1-10, where 1 is small resistance and 10 is uncontrollable feeling of resisting.

Whatever the number is, allow yourself to experience that feeling of resistance fully and without trying to control it. Just allow yourself to resist. And then, allow yourself to let go of resisting. And then allow yourself to resist. And then allow yourself to let go of resisting. Do this a couple of times (10 if you want a number) and recheck your level of resistance afterwards.

Take it for checking, try it out and see what happens…

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