Importance of Life Purpose


importance_of_life_purpose_halfWhy is life purpose so important?

Finding your life purpose is the only way to ensure that whatever you are doing with your time, is 24×7 pointed at achieving the results that you already know will make you smile and have that inner feeling of gratitude inside.

It is for sure not related to the following list: making money, being famous, having a house, having a car, having a yacht, having a plane etc.

It is usually related to the following list: helping out, offering to the world, reaching out, giving, sharing etc.

Don’t get me wrong, in the process of living your life purpose you will for sure get all the things in your first list (that is if you will still want them later).

You see, the reason why we all want stuff from the world is really simple. It’s because we believe our happiness lies there. It’s because we believe that once we get all those things, life will suddenly become this glorious, happy and safe adventure that we are so yearning for.

But guess what.

It doesn’t work like that. Most of the times you will simply not get the things that you want. Other times you will probably get them, but at the same time realize that either they don’t bring you lasting happiness or that somehow they are just not worth the amount you previously thought they do.

So what’s the solution to this really interesting life’s little irony?

It’s simple. Do things from the heart and not because of the desired outcome.

How can I do things from the heart you might ask? Well finding your life purpose is number one starting place. It is the building block of the entire life structure, it is the main ingredient of your life journey.

If you don’t have that in place, you will effort so much in life, and achieve little or no happiness at all.

Believe me, I have tried. And so have countless others. Why do you think there is so much misery and unhappiness, even to the point of committing suicide among the people who are rich and famous?

Don’t you think at least they should be the proof that happiness is not something that can be acquired from the outside. It is something that you need to live trough, every day.

And the only way to be able to do that is to simply live your purpose. You find your life purpose and then you align your action steps towards it. In in other words, you live it.

You wake up every day with a decision to take some form of action, and you take it gladly.

You think about the things you need to do and all you see are the ways in how you can go through them.

Anxiety is gone. Fear is gone. Unhappiness is gone.

A sense of purpose appears. Inner gratitude for being able to express yourself appears. Inner joy appears. Energy appears. Life appears.

And it all needs to begin with the first step. And that is to find your life purpose.

Contact me via email and I will send you a free pdf with one simple and easy technique on finding your life purpose that you can go through really quickly.

You will soon notice how the clouds start to go apart and the Sun appears. The Sun was always there, it’s just that now you have started to allow the clouds to disappear.

Have fun and enjoy life,


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