resistance2Resistance is the force we feel internally when we experience something we judge as bad, and we want to be separated from it or to push it away. Somehow we have concluded (falsely I might add), that if we object strongly on a certain topic, it will either change or get the hell away from us.

Now, it doesn’t take that much effort or proof to challenge this belief. See for yourself, things in your life that you have been resisting, have they changed or stayed the same, or have they even intensified? There is an old saying that goes “What you resist – persists”. If you take it for checking you will see it’s true.

It is said that resistance is number one stopper of our personal progress. If we would not resist, we would be able to fully accept and allow all of our non-loving feelings and fears, and surrender to life and love with ease. This alone would lead us to full realization really quickly.

But usually we are not going to allow it be so simple. We will analyze, defend, judge against, dissect, try to separate and kill before we would give in or surrender to something that our minds are telling us is very wrong or even extremely dangerous for us.

Eventually, we will have to stop resisting our feelings, and allow our true life purpose to shine through, no matter what the consequences or justifications the minds throw at us. There is only one life and only one time, and it is now.

When you align yourself to your life purpose, huge amounts of resistance, especially to taking action will simply fall away. They will diminish in a large quantity, because your heart will be working in the same direction as your mind, and when those two are combined everything is possible.

I have personally experienced extreme apathy and unwillingness to move or perform even the basic of tasks. I was so low in the energy that it seemed impossible to move. But as soon as I re-discovered my purpose and aligned myself to it, action started to happen, and on a massive scale.

It was really intensive, and it still is, but the approach I have to it is completely different. I face my challenges and I overcome them, it takes me time but I cross over my list everything that seemingly stops me. And when I manage to do that, the feeling I get from it is simply indescribable.

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