How to Lead With Your Heart

How to Lead With Your Heart

From a young age, we are brainwashed into only using our minds (in a strictly analytic way) to manage and lead in our daily lives. Nobody taught us how to lead with our hearts.

But that approach no longer works.

Just take a look at our current environment (be it political or economic) and you will see that the old way of leading only with minds doesn’t work anymore.

We desperately need a change of perspective.

We need leaders that lead with their hearts!

And how do you become a leader that leads with heart?

You need to develop and cultivate the following traits:

  • You need to be compassionate
  • You need to be able to listen with your heart
  • You need to care about people
  • You need to continually work on developing and improving your skills
  • You need to be selfless and willing to work for the greater good
  • You need to be willing to accept your faults and mistakes
  • You need to be able to forgive others for their faults and mistakes

All over the world, more and more people are discovering their natural in-built ability to love and respect others unconditionally and without prejudice. And those people (usually younger by age, but with many wonderful exemptions) are slowly starting to change the way we operate in our world.

They are the new leaders.

New Leaders

New leaders are slowly but surely changing the way we conduct business. The main focus is no more on earning money, but on creating value.

It is not about selling and getting an upper edge, it is rather about creating honest, truthful, and lasting relationships.

It is not about exploiting co-workers or anyone else, rather it is about creating opportunities to handle demand, fix problems, and in that way grow and improve together and at the same time.

You see, until we start behaving and operating to give our best and serve the greater good, we will continue to live in the world that we have known up to now.

A world plagued with negativity, unbalance, and unfairness. A world where it is completely normal that in one part of it you have obesity as the biggest health problem, and at the same time in another part of it you have hunger as the primary reason of people dying.

We can do better, don’t you agree?

Good News

Of course we can. And we start by changing from the inside. We start by first working on ourselves and then shining our light out towards the entire world.

You are here reading this article which means you are among those who are transferring (or have already done so) from the cold analytic mind operation mode of life into a one of leading with your heart. Perhaps you were even like that from your early childhood.

Leading with your heart doesn’t mean that you are either stupid or allowing abuse. It is not a sign of weakness. But it is true that you cannot lead with your heart unless you are fully ready to be hurt and disappointed.

You need to be fully ready to be attacked or exploited.

You see, if anything, that willingness alone is a clear sign of strength and confidence, you are daring to be gentle and vulnerable in a world that is still predominately aggressive.

That shows strength and courage. It shows leadership.

Natural-born leaders have no choice but to lead. It is their purpose in life.


As I am writing this article, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to give 99 percent of his money to charity. Bill Gates already did a similar thing a while ago. So did Warren Buffet.

Philanthropy is growing worldwide, and philanthropists are starting earlier than ever!

It’s never too late to start and the impact you can create is never too small. The effects are always exponential.

Luckily, with heart, it’s never a question of quantity but rather of quality.

 it’s never a question of quantity but rather of quality

One person overflowing with love, compassion, and kindness, can do more for the world than hundreds of people drowning themselves in fear, resistance, and negativity.

Just check out this 2 minute YouTube video from Jeff Louis, a recovering drug addict who works as a pizza delivery guy, and he just recently had an experience that literary changed his life!

We are finally ready for a change. The old excuse “we have always done it that way, why would we change now?” needs to be discarded and forgotten.

The time has come and the world is now ready for the leaders that lead with their heart instead of their minds.

They lead from oneness and not from separation. They lead from abundance, and not from lack.

“To know how to choose a path with heart is to learn how to follow intuitive feeling. Logic can tell you superficially where a path might lead to, but it cannot judge whether your heart will be in it.” ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

Isn’t this a wonderful time to be living?

The time has come to change our world with love.


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  1. Someone I work with checks your site out quite often and passed it along to me. The writing style is solid and the content is relevant. Thank you for the insight you offer to the world!

    1. You are welcome. It’s time for more and more of us to start our inner process of changing with love, then listening and leading with our hearts. Enjoy the articles!

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