Bored of Life? – 5 Quick Steps to Take Right Now!

Bored of Life - 5 Quick Steps to Take Right Now and Stop Being Bored of Life

Being bored of life or with life is much common than you might think. But the reason why it happens might not be so obvious and is most likely not the same for all of us.

Do you notice that when you say something like “I am bored” there is usually no simple answer for why we feel like that.

At least we don’t see the answer immediately, meaning it is not a conscious one.

When you say something like “I am sad” you know why you are sad, there is always “because of this and that”, but when you say “I am bored” there is usually lack of “because of this and that”.

We just assume boredom is our state, or we assume there is nothing exciting for us to do, nothing will ever change and there is no point in even trying. But all that can be a mask for the feelings that deep inside we refuse to allow ourselves to feel.

Some of the unconscious reasons for being bored:

  • we lack having a truly interesting challenge
  • we resist to what is happening in the world
  • we have a protection mechanism for playing low so that we don’t get hurt
  • we feel unworthy, not good enough or doomed to failure

Usual behavior when being bored:

  • we simply don’t want to do anything
  • we sleep, over eat or shut down
  • we get angry or apathetic
  • we step away from the life and cut ourselves off the world

What do we really risk if we allow boredom to prevail?

  • we will spend our lives not fully engaging or enjoying it
  • we will not use that one special gift that we all have (whether we are aware of it or not) to benefit the world in any way
  • we will be unhappy most of our lives
  • we will judge and complain or use justifications for not taking on challenges
  • we will definitely never experience the meaning of “life success”. And I am not talking about the usual definition of success (money, fame…) but of real happiness that comes from following your passion and aligning with your heart.


Err, what would then be the state directly opposite of life boredom?

Imagine this for a moment: You wake up in the morning with a smile on your face ready to face your challenges. You don’t feel the urge to win every time, because you are aware that every experience is a learning experience.

You take plenty of action steps, but you don’t really see them as action steps because they come to you naturally and effortlessly. You don’t even think about life in a doing something way, but more in a being of service way…

Can life really be like that? Well, you could check that out for yourself. You can start getting your own answer by following the 5 steps mentioned bellow and just see what happens.

5 steps to take right now to start changing states (with love) 😉

1. Take a break form the computer and simply go outside for a walk

Go For a Walk

Lots of studies have showed that even short exposure to the nature makes us feel less annoyed with life. Actually the fact of not having something constantly running in our conscious minds is the exact thing that allows us to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and dynamics of nature.

There is something in the nature that allows easier acceptance of whatever we feel in the moment. It gives us space to process and to allows surprises to show up.

2.  Imagine one thing that you are passionate about


What is important in this step is carefully considering the term “passionate”. In other words, what could you offer to the world, that you are really happy and excited about?

Imagine you don’t need to pay for anything in your life because everything is available to you when you need it and it’s free. Money is not an issue anymore, there is abundance of everything.

What would you offer to the world then? If you can do anything, what would you do for “work” then?

3. Realize everything in life comes and goes in waves


When I was visiting Arizona, I was walking through a Sedona resort one day and I got to the place where all I could see around me were cacti. And what struck me the most, is that at the same place there was abundance of cacti that were dying and the ones that were just beginning to blossom. They were physically right next to each other, and it seemed like life and death were happening simultaneously, without any of the cacti being bothered about it.

That is exactly what happens in our lives.

Life is a mixture of coming and going and that is a fact that you simply need to accept if you want to live a happy and healthy life.

You can resist that, of course, and that is what we usually do (especially with the dying part), but resistance will not make any difference to the mechanics of the world and will make a world of difference to the quality and happiness of your own life experience.

So simply realize this, then accept it as you cannot change it and just allow it to be.

4. Choose one thing that you always wanted to do but was afraid to do


It is not fear that kills us, it is our lack of taking action despite of it. Courage is defined as taking action despite of fear. It is accepting the risks and just doing what we feel needs to be done.

Of course, you need to be rational here, as there are fears that are obviously trying to protect us, like the fear of what would happen if I jump out of airplane without my parachute. But then again, if I jump out with a parachute, wouldn’t that be something different?

Well, to each it’s own taste, I have personally jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and I can tell you it’s an experience that can’t be described. I don’t do it anymore as I don’t feel passionate about it and I accept that it’s really not for everyone.

You can start by choosing something appropriate for you, for example just decide to talk to that guy or girl that you were afraid to before. Decide to ask them to go and grab a cup of coffee or take a walk or whatever. Face the fear of rejection. Don’t allow a simple feeling to scare you from your own life. Decide you are bigger.

Everything in life starts with a decision, and you are always deciding. Remember, deciding not to do something is also a decision from your part, so you are the one in control all the time. Right now, you can decide that you will start making better decisions 😉

5. Go into ACTION

Take Action

This is the last recommended step, and for a reason. It’s not easy to jump from one state of being (boredom) to another (activity with enthusiasm). So you need to take smaller steps, one at a time, to build momentum.

Do any of the above mentioned steps first. And once you are clear about what you would like to do passionately, and you have decided to accept the risks that could come with taking the action, meaning you have chosen to face your limitations and grow, specific action steps will just come to you naturally.

And when the idea comes, you simply take it and run with it. You do like Nike says – you “just do it”.

Even if it’s not perfect, even if you might fail, even if you might strike out – just decide and take that step and allow your passion to give you a jump start towards your new life direction. You already know that every journey needs to begin with a first step, so you might as well start consciously towards where you want to go and just take one.

And then see if it feels better then boredom. Just taking that one small action step. So imagine how it would feel if you went all the way!

Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to comment bellow on ways you face boredom or even the reasons why you feel bored. I will respond to every comment 🙂

Take care,


4 thoughts on “Bored of Life? – 5 Quick Steps to Take Right Now!”

  1. My son recently complained to me that he was bored (is that some sort of teenager thing?). When I enquired – he said he had nothing to do and all day to do it. I don’t think he liked it when I said I wish I could have one of those days! Ah…. such is life.

    1. Hi Eoinmc and thank you for engaging 🙂

      Of course, when we talk about teenagers we always have to take into account the level of hormones an the general resistance or, even better said, rebellion to life, that I am sure we can all relate to. That being said, my experience shows that it’s not that he has nothing to do, but the things that he is aware of currently are not the ones that he would like or enjoy doing.

      Solution for him would be to focus on the thing that would make him happy to do – meaning step 2!

      Take care and all the best with your teenage son 🙂



  2. I think the most important thing is to live our lives-all the way through with a smile on our face, laughing with our dear ones and finding happiness in simple things… that way we will never be bored of life!

    1. Hi Matilda and welcome to the site!

      You are so right… finding happiness and joy in what we mistakenly call “little things in life” is a quick shortcut to living a fulfilled life, one without any hint of boredom in it ?

      Take care!


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