Why is Waiting so Hard and Painful?

Why is Waiting so Hard and Painful?

Waiting is something we all need to address at one point of our lives, mostly because we get tired of the pain and suffering it causes.

When we wait for something it’s like time slows down. It takes forever to receive the thing, people or experience that we are waiting for.

Let’s look at how our minds go about waiting.

When you are waiting for something you are actually strongly associated with the picture in your mind of not having that thing, person or experience happening at that particular moment.

In other words, waiting for something to happen is focusing your energy on to the experience of lacking a certain thing at that moment.

I believe we are vibratory beings and that this World works in duality.

One of the most important duality and distinction we need to quickly learn is the difference in experience of wanting something vs having something.

how our minds go about waiting

When we want something (e.g. something specifically to happen, or waiting for a bus, train, job offer, perfect conditions, soul mate, etc.) we are in essence in that second (while we are waiting) confirming that we don’t have it.

So we suffer. Because waiting is actually suffering, it is the huge agony of lack that we are experiencing, and the honest truth behind it is that we are the ones who are administering the suffering to ourselves in the first place.

Not only that, we make a pact with ourselves to stop causing our own suffering only when that thing, person or experience manifests in our reality.

Talk about some crazy ideas and beliefs we cultivate…

The cure to the pain and hurt of waiting (for anything and everything) is simple and twofold:

1.   Realize that waiting is simply the experience of lacking, right in this moment. It doesn’t actually help you receive (manifest) anything quicker. Stuff, people and experiences will come when they come.

2.   Understand that you have no use in feeling bad and suffering, and simply decide to drop that feeling of lack.

When you decide to stop waiting (drop the feeling of lack) you open your mind to possibilities and situations that are presenting to you right in this moment.

Those same possibilities and situations were impossible for you to see before because you were blinded by the feeling of lack (experience of waiting for something).

And if your mind tries to convince you that you cannot simply drop it because it is the most precious, important, beautiful, unlimited fountain of joy type of thing that you are waiting for, just remember how many times you were waiting for something that, when it showed up in your reality, either lost its desirability pretty quickly or even proved out to be something that brought you pain and troubles in your life.

Really, the time has come to stop waiting and start living!

We no longer need to be the prisoners of this lacking state of waiting because we falsely believe that somehow it brings us closer to our desired object.

Stop Waiting Right Now

Waiting is useless, hard and painful. Start letting go of this habit.

And you can begin right now. Why wait?




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